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Hemp and CBD Products

HempVest is positioned to be the leading supplier and distributor of wholesale hemp and CBD products in Africa. Our commitment to making significant contributions to the empowerment of the South African value chain through building industry standards, infrastructure, and supply chains to establish local and global legal accessibility for CBD derived ingredients and medicines.

Wholesale Hemp and CBD
Procurement and Man

HempVest is focused on providing bulk off-take agreements concentrates or flower products, and only operate within compliant legal markets with qualified suppliers and buyers.

Our highly qualified and accredited team specialises in helping manufacturers and brands to procure suitable hemp derived CBD. The HempVest group has multiple permits within its stable and a healthy strategic partnership with other permit holders which affords us the platform to provide our clients with rich research and quality product to meet the ultimate needs.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that all bulk off-take agreements are meticulously planned and managed in order develop their own supply chain to ultimately ensure continuity of supply.

Products and Services


Our nursery provides high-quality strains of seedlings, mothers, and clones.

Hempvest has developed our Clonater®, which allows for the fast production of quality clones enabling us to meet the large volume demand for mothers and clones.

We are also able to provide turnkey cannabis farming solutions to emerging cannabis farmers.



HempVest cultivates A-grade high CBD hemp in our state of the art facilities. HempVest’s farming operation comprises Hemp Farms spanning 81 hectares across 3 provinces thus ensuring security of supply to our off-take clients against adverse weather conditions. Each of our farms have been equipped with state of the art security systems.

We are committed to ensuring our farms and facilities are global GAP and GMP compliant with regulations as set out by the South African Health Regulatory Authority with respect to the cultivation of cannabis.

Furthermore we have implemented a track and trace system which will allow for the tracking of every batch of cannabis from the seedling phase until the point of sale to the end customer.

All HempVest’s farms have consistently produced A Grade flower. We focus on high CBD hemp genetics that have been carefully selected by our R&D team to produce the best quality, high CBD (Cannabidiol)and low THC (>0.3%Tetrahydrocannabinol), CBD flower and

Biomass for processing into CBD extracts.

We only work with qualified, vetted farmers, licensed producers and processors to source the best product and provide the best service to all our clients.

CBD Products:

  • High CBD hemp flower

  • High CBD hemp biomass

  • Full spectrum CBD extract

  • Broad spectrum CBD extract

  • CBD isolate extract

With two farms specialising on industrial hemp,  we are able to offer large scale wholesale industrial hemp biomass.

Drying and Processing Services

Our drying and processing solutions makes use of automated environmental regulation controls to ensure the perfect environment is maintained to ensure a high quality outputs. HempVest is occupying both machine trimming technology as well as a dedicated hand-trimming team to provide the desired solutions that will meet any of our customers’ needs.

Food Grade and Pharma Grade GMPCBD

More and more CBD is becoming the key ingredient for large manufacturers. Throughout HempVest the importance of meeting global standards is understood and carried through, whether it be GMP to meet pharmaceutical standards, food standards such as HACCP as well as agricultural standards set out by DAFFS.

HempVest is working with many permit and license holders to ensure that all associated cultivators and processors fully comply and meet the respective local and global standards. To provide the best farm solutions coupled with expert training and development, mentorship and coaching, and funding to ensure farmers are able to have the necessary resources to produce the best products. Our team works closely with Africanna Inc, the only Cannabis incubator in Southern Africa, HempVest, as part of our research and development, has developed SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) with our farms and processors to ensure that they fully comply with SAHPRA and other certifications needed to meet quality expectations of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, and beverage manufacturers.

HempVest mission is to produce highest quality CBD and related products that are compliant under international GMP standards.

With a strong focus on developing the local market, HempVest’s commercial research extends across the value chain. Our holistic approach seeks to add value across cultivation, extraction, technology, dispensing, retail, and industrialization.

HempVest’s R&D team is conducting commercial research using various strains and planting methods and mediums to establish best practices to produce the best quality and highest yield of CBD per hectare.


Hempvest CBD Products

HempVest has launched a range of high quality CBD products under our wellness brand alkmi ( ). All of our products at alkmi are tested through an independent third party for potency, heavy metals and other contaminated to ensure the safety of use for all of our products.


CBD Oil Product Manufacturing

A key focus for HempVest is to use our CBD to make a meaningful contribution to local manufacturing of CBD products.

To do this, we offer a range of Contract Manufacturing options for CBD Products including custom formulation and development, white label CBD products, private label CBD products, as well as wholesale quantities of CBD products and CBD ingredients.

CBD Oil Manufacturing Services

  • Wholesale Manufacturing

  • CBD Ingredient Manufacturing

  • CBD Product Formulation

  • CBD Product Contract Manufacturing

  • CBD Product White Label Manufacturing

  • CBD Product Private Label Manufacturing

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