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More and more CBD is becoming the key ingredient for large manufacturers. Throughout HempVest the importance of meeting global standards is understood and carried through, whether it be GMP to meet pharmaceutical standards, food standards such as HACCP as well as agricultural standards set out by DAFFS.

HempVest is working with many permit and license holders to ensure that all associated cultivators and processors fully comply and meet the respective local and global standards. To provide the best farm solutions coupled with expert training and development, mentorship and coaching, and funding to ensure farmers are able to have the necessary resources to produce the best products. Our team works closely with Africanna Inc, the only Cannabis incubator in Southern Africa, HempVest, as part of our research and development, has developed SOP’s (Standard Operating Procedures) with our farms and processors to ensure that they fully comply with SAHPRA and other certifications needed to meet quality expectations of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, food, and beverage manufacturers.

HempVest’s mission is to produce the highest quality CBD and related products that are compliant with international GMP standards. With a strong focus on developing the local market, HempVest’s commercial research extends across the value chain. Our holistic approach seeks to add value across cultivation, extraction, technology, dispensing, retail, and industrialization.

HempVest’s R&D team continuously conducts commercial research using various strains and planting methods and mediums to establish best practices to produce the best quality and highest yield of CBD per hectare.

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