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Welcome to HempVest Africa

Discover the Premium Grade Cannabis Plants from South Africa

Welcome to Hemp Vest Africa, the leading Cannabis provider in South Africa! We pride ourselves on our full control over all operations and our strict compliance with South African laws and regulations regarding Cannabis.

HempVest Africa is a South African company specialising in the production of premium grade cannabis plants and products. Established in 2018 with the aim of providing the best services for all clients, investors and businesses looking to take on the Cannabis world. The company is a leader in the industry and the first to produce high quality CBD flower, extracts and related products in South Africa.


We operate a fully compliant global GAP cultivation and processing facility, producing premium quality high CBD cannabis. Cannabis strains have been carefully selected and sourced for genetics with proven therapeutic benefits. Together with distillation partners, Hempvest produces a Full Spectrum Extract refined into a highly purified concentrate with quality verified by accredited and independent third-party laboratories. Our extracts can be further refined into broad spectrum and isolate CBD extract.

Explore our comprehensive range of services and subsidiaries. Stay up to date with the latest industry updates. Join us in revolutionising the Cannabis market in South Africa and the World.

Our Products and Services


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